Perceptive Meditation- the complete Stress/Anxiety/Depression relieving meditation program

group med

Powerful scientific proven  stress free meditation program for complete cure from mental, emotional, psychological and physical disorders ,develops healthy mindset,removes negative worries, leads to rich joyful and stress-free peaceful liberated life.

Duration: 3 WEEKS’ Individual/group class with personal attention

Perceptive Meditation relieves you from all kinds of melancholy, loneliness, depression tensions, worries and disorders. Perceptive Meditation means meditating upon the breathing system, the psychic centers and the inner consciousness, resulting into elimination of loneliness , depression, anxiety , stress and finding a peaceful mind, a perfect emotional balance and a complete control over your body and mind.
Scientifically proven Perceptive Meditation  is the most powerful way of gaining complete  control over one’s body and mind. It is the ideal perceptive meditation for cure from all the illness of the mind, gaining positivism in life and obtaining freedom from never-ending, troublesome thoughts and worries. It helps calm the disturbed mind.It is the scientifically proven way to attaining inner peace of mind and world happiness.
Ramneek’s Perceptive Meditation Centre,Indore welcomes you to attend scientific stress relieving free meditation program – an intensive self perception schedule to learn the secrets of mental peace, good physical health and perfect emotional balance .
1. Learn the scientific  Perceptive  meditation techniques that you can practice lifelong
2. Identify and realize the Shakti,  The power of the psychic centres within yourself
3. Adopt an ethical lifestyle for a healthy mindset,positive emotional fortitude , positive thinking, worldly successful and peaceful living
4.Enjoy life more intensely and passionately  and in full awakening
5. Get free from all kinds of   stresses, anxieties fears, phobias and depression
7. Control manage and get free from all kinds of mental , emotional, psychological and physical pain
8. Live life full of meaning, enjoyment, gaiety fun and playfulness.
Take a decision today and get rid of :
• Depression/anxiety/stress
• Feeling of insecurity/loneliness
• Forgetfulness/ memory getting weak
• Irritability/anger
• Focus/Problem concentrating
• Restlessness/sleeplessness
• Sadness/melancholy
• Fatigue/feeling tired always
Managing life free from psychological issues/ anxiety/ depression/ and other psychiatric /behavioural problems is all about taking charge: of your thoughts, emotions, mindset, through the perceptive meditation and get empowered to deal with your problems with more internal confidence .

Contact today to book your schedule:

MOBILE 9179383554,7224896739.LAND:07314263087

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