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  • Sh. Ramneek Kapoor,Science of Living, Preksha Meditation, and Yoga Expert,Clinical Psychologist , Family Therapist Relationship adviser and Author.
  • M.A.Science of Living, Preksha Meditation, and Yoga,M.A Clinical Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling and Family Therapy, M.A. Eng, M.B.A., P.G.D.M.S.M.
  • -WHO Collaborative Centre for Capacity Building and Training in Global Mental Health -Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry, 14 Certificates of training courses completion on ICD-11 Guidelines for Mental Behavioural and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.
    Certificates in-
    1. Certificate of training course completion in Schizophrenia and Other Primary Psychotic Disorders
    2. Certificate of training course completion in Mood Disorders
    3. Certificate of training course completion in Anxiety and Fear Related Disorders
    4. Certificate of training course completion in Obsessive Compulsive and other related Disorders
    5. Certificate of training Course completion in Disorders Specifically Related with Stress
    6. Certificate of training course completion in Feeding or Eating Disorders
    7. Certificate of training course completion in Impulse Control Disorders and Disorders Due to Addictive Behavior
    8. Certificate of training course completion in Dissociative Disorders.
    9. Certificate of training course completion in Substance Use Disorders.
    10. Certificate of training course completion in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ;Disruptive Behavior and Dissocial Disorders.
    11. Certificate of training course completion in Personality Disorders and Related Traits.
    12.Certificate of training course completion in Bodily Distress Disorders.
    13.Certificate of training course completion in ICD 11 Disorders.
    • Member of the World Health Organization {WHO}Global Clinical Practice Network {GCPN}an international community of mental health and primary care professionals committed to furthering research and practice in global mental health.
    • Member American Psychological Association Membership no: 00251899.
  • Member International Family Therapy Association.
  • Mr. Ramneek Kapoor brings with him a unique combination of science of living, preksha meditation and Yoga, clinical psychology, family therapy and counseling. His meditation and counselling techniques are unparalleled in India and abroad. Regular sessions of Science of Living, perceptive meditation and counseling with Sh.Ramneek Kapoor can change your life and fill it up with physical, mental, psychological, emotional balance and positivity .His sessions of Science of living, Perceptive meditation and counseling can help you overcome any kind of chronic depression, anxiety and stress. His gentle counselling can help you overcome the negative emotions of… avarice, greed, anger, hatred, revenge, fear, depression, negativism and bring in you the positive emotions of love, affection, brotherhood ,harmony, tranquility, serenity, piety, and spiritual tranquility. Thousands have taken the positive step it is you now… take control of your life.
  • Ramneek Kapoor is world renown explorer of Emotional Intelligence in Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta . In the Srimad Bhagwad Gita, the holiest scripture of all scriptures written for mankind, the essence of life has been sermonized by God Krishna himself, for living a meaningful, religious, superior, devout and complete life, a life that takes the ordinary mortals towards a transcendental life to alleviate from out of the everyday earthly existence and amalgamate into the heavenly bliss, to become one with the Ultimate God. His book “The Bhagavad Gita – emotional intelligence in teachings of lord Krishna” is a deep study into the emotional intelligence that should be followed by the modern generation , should we want to lead a life as advised by Lord KRISHNA.
  • Sh. Ramneek Kapoor’s biography finds place in The Marquis Who’s Who in the World, (29th edition) published from USA.
  • He has been declared as one of the 2000 outstanding intellectuals of 21st century .
  • Sh.. Kapoor has been declared as the one of the top 100 educators of 2012 by International Biographical Centre Cambridge England.
  • A well known clinical psychologist and counseling psychologist, practicing in the city of Indore, attending to the mental health and well being of young children , school kids, adolescents and young college going youth , married couples ,elderly people suffering from mental, psychological and emotional issues in their lives . Dr. Kapoor is an expert in clinical analysis of the mental emotional issues, psychological counseling , psychotherapies , Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused based short term therapy, Group therapy, Family therapy, Marital therapy, counseling for Suicidal Patients, depression, anxiety, stress and anger Management techniques and Relaxation techniques to mention a few. He is presently working as “Clinical and Counseling Psychologist” in Alka Mansik Pramarsh Foundation, Indore (M.P.) dealing in clinical psychology , family therapy, child psychology, Neuropsychology.
Ms Alka Kapoor M.A.Clinical Psychology ,an ardent practitioner of Science of Living Preksha Meditation and Yoga Psychologist and Family Therapist hold an experience of 4 decades in the areas of perceptive meditation family therapy and Relationship Counseling.
  • Mrs. Alka kapoor a rank holder in M.A.Clinical Psychology from Punjab University Chandigarh is Director, Family Therapist Mentor Psychologist of Alka Mansik Pramarsh Foundation, Indore. She is expert family therapist, relationship counselor, clinical psychologist with professional Excellence in Guidance & Counseling field. Her counseling is based on the principle of Guidance & Counseling with a gentle touch. She is an expert dietitian and a trainer in Yogic Science. She has more than 25 years experience in counseling and guiding people. Thousands of counselees have been benefited by her advice and counseling.
  • She is registered as a professional psychologist from RCI. She is a trained expert in the field of marriage therapy psychology, counselling, assessment, psychological therapeutics, organizational behavior and skills development. Hundreds have been benefited by her gentle counseling.