Perceptive Meditation Schedule

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It is most often recommended and believed that the early morning schedule is the best for performing Perceptive Meditation .However we believe that  the mind is always ready for the  deep perceptive meditation if it is trained to do so, hence we leave it free for you to take a decision as to what time suits you the best , we will try to adjust  our patrons in the group and the time , or even in the individual sessions to make it more convenient for them.

Our schedules for Ramneek’s Perceptive  Meditation Centre  are as under :

Open sessions with prior appointment :Monday to Saturday 9.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M.

Special weekend sessions (group) :Saturday to Sunday 8.00  10.00A.M.

Please call us 07314263087 or 7224896739 for registration/appointment