SOL the extensive program for liberation of mind and soul


SOL – an  extensive  peeceptive meditation  program   of various duration  – to learn the art and skills of managing a disease free, stress free, happy, fruitful, tension free self-managed life and adopting a finer spiritual, scientific understanding of the all dimensions of life.
The program aims to transform and enrich our total life towards well balanced and scientifically proven life of complete faith in the self . Millions across the world have already benefited from programs offered by SOL Technology
Topics covered include:
• Law of Knowledge: Understanding Life and its Dimensions
• Law of Abundance: Secrets of Living with Prosperity
• Law of Excellence: scientific systems of achieving excellence in life and careers, business and professions .
• Law of self Awareness: through Preksha Dyan-the art and science of self awareness
• Maintenance of health and wellbeing :through PMR–the art and science of self awareness
• Ultimate Transformation of the Body and mind for a complete understanding of the cosmic energy of the self
The program is presented in a modern setting in an environment of music and meditation. Over exclusive sessions of intensive Perceptive Meditation  Therapy form part of the program.