About the Centre

Ramneek’s Perceptive  Meditation Centre has been set up  to offer everyone a complete scientific living lived in intense perceptive mindfulness.We shall undertake the journey into inner realms of mind through scientifically proven principles of SOL and Perceptive Meditation.  

Understanding SOL :  Human life has progressed to such heights that many of the tasks   earlier performed by the human mind , brain and body are being delivered by the machines invented by the scientific mind of the humans. But instead of mastering the machines we are virtually dependent on those machines now.  Science has done its job well , we can no way find faults with the science and its innovations. It’s the human themselves who have lost touch with their natural way of  living a holistic life . Resultantly the victim have been found in the peace and happiness of the humans. Humans today find themselves as pauper  in the midst of plenty , unhappy in the face of all the pleasures they have built for themselves , and lonely in the company of the multitudes .

SOL  is a way of life  that can bring  richness and  happiness into  the inner soul of the humans.SOL leads us to total holistic attitude towards the mental, physical , emotional, intellectual  and economic living of all humans.  SOL brings with it  a scientific way  of living  that  can help  each person attain meaningful  identity,  and holistic  purpose to his or her  life .

 Understanding Perceptive  Meditation: the path to complete peace of mind through perceptive meditation on the psychic Centres 
Regular  practice of Perceptive  Meditation  or  Meditation for intense  Self-Perception of the psychic Centres enables the practitioner to see his or her  own inner self  of the body and the mind .The Perceptive Meditation of the Psychic Centres takes us through deep secrets of the human mind to connect with our real self  at its innermost consciousness  of all levels . Such a blissful  perceptive meditation  on our Psychic Centres enables us to  read, understand and control  our deepest emotions . Such journey into the subconscious, conscious and the unconscious enables to mitigate the effects of the negatives into our life .The  positive journey into the soul brings a complete stop to the nihilistic attitude. It   brings about a conscientious   perceptive change of understanding, acceptance and behavioral practices
The seen /unseen advantages of Perceptive Meditation 
Perceptive Meditation works at all the endocrinology glands of the body  to activate the glands to enable them to perform at their optimum levels of functioning .
  • to enhance the functioning of all the physical and intellectual faculties of the body , mind and the brain.
  • to enable the mind to calm down and to control the anger , anxiety and the stress
  • to provide for the  corrective system to the body to cure itself of the many of the illnesses much before they erupt into the major diseases. 
  •  to provide the emotional stability to the mind.
  •  to provide  for the  enhancement of  the  mental abilities
  • to help develop focus, concentration  and the energetic  creativity  of the mind
  • to develop  a sense of responsibility , strong will power and a great resolute personality
  •  to enrich immune system of the body with stronger capability to fight  with all the negatives that  can  attack it  in the atmosphere .
  •   to act as the  preventive system for all kinds of uncalled for negative addictions, habits, fears and phobias
  •  to fight against all kinds of depressions, stresses and negative apprehensions
  • to evolve a system of curing all the mental , emotional, neuroses , psychotic  and physical ,behavioral  illness of the body and the mind.

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